6 Point Harness Street Legal

There is always a risk that you will suffer a car accident. When this happens, it`s up to your seat belt to protect you. A traditional seat belt or running belt could save your life. This is something that is discussed in the courtroom. In all likelihood, your insurer will try to stop paying for the claim. So you`ll probably have to sue them and fight them with the company in question. Or you`re trying to fight a police officer ticket. In the end, racing belts are indeed safe. They may be safer than traditional seat belts. However, it depends on the installation. If the harness is not installed safely, it is not effective.

That`s why attachment points are so important. It is essential to ensure that the harness is mounted in the right places with the utmost precision. You don`t want the belt to come off in the middle of an accident. Despite the potential risks and impacts, many people will still use a race belt in their vehicle. It`s a personal decision and you should feel free to do what you think is right. However, you should at least inform yourself in advance about the possible risks. Do this and determine whether or not you are willing to take these risks. SCHROTH road-approved shoulder harnesses are unique in their ability to be installed at factory-supplied attachment points with factory-supplied seat belts.

SCHROTH wiring harness strips meet all the certification requirements of the German TÜV, ECE-R 16.04 and US-DOT FMVSS 209 for use on public roads. Each belt comes with a complete installation/user manual. If your vehicle is on the included vehicle reference list, the facility has been tested and equipped with the listed warehouse or aftermarket seat. It takes skills and practice to get it right. In this sense, it is better to rely on a professional. You need someone who has worked on race cars for many years. They know how to install the wiring harness to ensure it offers the greatest possible protection. If you want to install it yourself, you need to be very careful. If a police officer notices that you have a racing belt installed in your vehicle, you may receive a ticket. You can probably fight it in court, but you can lose.

In addition, the cost of court battles may not be worth it. Second, you should always take care of your insurer. If you have an accident and you get injured, they can use the harness against you. If they tell you it`s illegal, you should reconsider your decision to use a racing harness. SCHROTH knows TUNING! SCHROTH has been manufacturing 4 strap belts for over 60 years. All harnesses designed and manufactured in Germany are ECE or FMVSS approved and tested and available in a variety of colors, styles and configurations. Are you sure you want to make it happen? Do you want to spend countless funds on the trial? Many people will say no. It`s up to you. If you`re willing to risk it and don`t mind fighting it in court, you should switch to a racing harness.

Either way, you need to know the potential effects in advance. You`ve probably thought that the seat belt is much safer than what you`re used to with your conventional vehicle. Well, the running belt is the seat belt system that professional runners use. It ties them into the seat and provides them with a little extra protection. In almost every way, the running belt is better. However, these benefits are thrown out the window if the wiring harness is not installed correctly. This makes the belt worse than your traditional seat belt. For this reason, it is usually better to hire a professional to install it. This ensures that everything is in order and that you are fully protected.

The 3/2-inch shoulder strap is the most popular of all options. This design uses a 3-inch shoulder strap that is reduced to 2 inches to the point where the straps hit the neck and headrest. The only drawback of this design is that it is not recommended to use it alone. When using the 3/2-inch running belt, a headrest and neck system is required. In any case, be aware that a racing harness can provide you with additional protection. As long as the belt is installed correctly, it can be safer than your traditional seat belt. That said, it`s best to have a professional perform the installation for you. This will ensure that it is safe. For each of these options, we recommend that you install them in a car with a suitable roll bar and strictly adhere to Schroth`s mounting guidelines for mounting brackets. Even racing seats aren`t designed to remove a load from the belts, and without a harness rod, you create a sharp tip on the harness that pulls down at the belt holes, while guiding the harness through a harness rod creates a smooth radius on a wiring harness tube. When it comes to the belt buckle, there are only two options available.

You can choose from the Latch & Link and Cam Lock Buckle models. All racing commissions regulate the use of these devices. Some do not allow drivers to use the lock and link design or cam locking style. So, before making an investment, you should first research your options. So, what are the advantages of a racing harness? Why would anyone want to upgrade if they are not considered legal on the road in many areas? Well, there are a lot of advantages. They are discussed in more detail below. Before investing in a running belt, you need to determine the compatibility of the neck and head restraint you are currently using. Some of these devices are not compatible with the 3-inch shoulder strap. An example of this is the HANS Sport II. This neck and head support system is not compatible with the 3-inch shoulder strap.

In the end, it is better to rely on a professional. You can`t risk installing the wiring harness incorrectly and getting into big trouble later. That being said, you need to find someone who actually installs racing harnesses. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest thing in the world. After all, many mechanics do not specialize in racing harnesses.

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