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In addition to supporting Mind`s policies and campaigns in general, Mind`s legal team: Here are some of the legal issues we are currently working on. We`d love to hear from anyone with experience with these issues and can help you get legal advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us if any of the following situations apply to you: We do not represent individuals who make claims or motions in court. That is because we do not have a legal aid agreement or funding agreement that would allow us to do that. We believe that our helplines and interventions are the best use of our resources. Our legal newsletter informs you about important cases and political developments. You can read our updates on our legal news page, and if you would like to subscribe, you can fill out our registration form or send an email to [email protected]. If you need a lawyer, you can get details on where to get expert advice from the Law Society or Civil Legal Advice. You can also contact your local citizen advice office or there is a legal center in your area that could help you.

We guide our clients through the estate planning process to create plans and protections for their loved ones – just in case. We make planning easy with technology and convenient meeting times. In a few weeks, you can have your plans for your children. You`ll also have a relationship with an advocate you know and trust to guide you and your loved ones through life`s most difficult times. I spoke to a few lawyers before hiring Elizabeth. From our first call, I knew I was going to hire them. She explained things to me in a simple way and helped me make the right decisions for my family. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in her field and she answered all my questions with care and patience. I would definitely recommend his business to anyone considering some form of estate planning. Your estate planning documents serve as your voice in case you can`t communicate with loved ones.

In your estate plan, you communicate who you trust to take care of your children, manage your finances and make your health decisions. Elizabeth Kostelnik`s mission is to help parents understand how probate laws apply to them and empower them to take control. Elizabeth is a mother, Illinois attorney and founder of Peace of Mind Legal Services, LLC. If you need information about any of the above areas, you can contact our legal line on 0300 466 6463. If you have a case before the courts, we may be able to support your claim with intervention or evidence. We take care of cases when: If you think you have a case that may be of interest to us, please contact us at [email protected]. We will need relevant court documents, especially the case and defence. We were very pleased with Elizabeth`s professionalism. She made sure we understood everything she was doing for us. I highly recommend them.

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