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The Legal Recruiter Directory facilitates connections between lawyers and legal recruiters who can assist them in their job search. This relieves the research process. The Legal Recruiter Directory is a tool to find a local recruiter in New Orleans to help you become your ally as you move into the next phase of your legal career. At Shuart and Associates, we work with law firms, legal departments and legal advisors throughout the region. Our New Orleans legal recruiters gain an understanding of an employer`s culture, vision, and goals to connect with candidates who have the experience, ethics, and temperament to be a welcome addition to your law firm or legal department. When looking for law firms, also pay attention to things like block staffing of lawyers such as paralegals. You want to know if you can get help with your job search from a paralegal, legal secretary or administrative assistant. Bus, ferry, and streetcar services for commuters are provided by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA), while air travelers use Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. The city`s legal district is located downtown on I-10 near the Mississippi River. Some of New Orleans` best neighborhoods include Lake Shore-Lake Vista, Garden District, Uptown, Audubon, and Marlyville-Fontainebleau. Our recruiters all have professional experience in the areas where we provide search and recruitment services. Therefore, we understand your job search needs from the candidate`s perspective and work hard to ensure the best possible match.

Our search and referral fees are always paid by the hiring parties, never by the candidates. Are you interested in joining our Legal Human Resources team? We are always interested in adding recruiters and business developers across the country. Must have current experience in the legal personnel industry or relevant experience in the legal field. Will also consider for other industries those who have experience with staffing agencies in other areas. For a complete job description, more information and timely considerations, email the resume to the company`s president, Elizabeth Parks Landry, at Of course, even if a recruiter helps you, it`s good to research the company itself. Consult with their legal staff to see how many people work there before proceeding with your own legal employment. Whether you`re looking for a partner role or something in-house, you know what you`re looking for in terms of work culture and firm size. According to the American Bar Association, there are 5,805 lawyers in Orleans Parish, where New Orleans is located.

The law market in New Orleans is supported by two major law schools, Tulane and Loyola University College of Law. Tulane is often among the top 40 law schools in the United States, offering specialized programs in admiralty and maritime law, energy and environmental law, sports law, and international law. Unfortunately, there are also downsides to working with a legal recruiter. For example, some employers are reluctant to give signing bonuses to candidates who work with a recruiter, which affects your ability to negotiate your salary and/or benefits. The reason is not far-fetched; Some companies pay recruiters a lot of money for their services – up to 20-25% of the candidate`s starting salary. If you need more information about the best legal recruiters in New Orleans, send me a message via the chat button on the website briefly stating that you are looking for a permanent placement in New Orleans. I will keep all your information confidential and respond promptly with some recommendations. If you`re looking for lateral opportunities and the best legal recruiters in other states, we can connect you with legal recruiters in the United States. Michael is a senior partner in his company and is starting to see the writing on the wall: he probably won`t be elected to the partnership for a variety of reasons. He knows that some major New Orleans firms offer Lateral Senior Associates an instant partnership, and he uses a legal recruiter to help him transition to junior partner in a new firm. New Orleans is a thriving city with a variety of legal recruiters and recruitment agencies working to connect lawyers, law firms, and other legal employers.

The Legal Recruiter Directory is your best directory to find the right legal recruitment firm for your needs and the contact information you need to reach these law firms. Skilled legal recruiters connect employers with legal talent: they help lawyers find positions at the best companies and help employers find the right lawyer for the job. Legal recruiters are often the first to know about a vacancy in a law firm or management consulting department and can give lawyers a competitive edge in the interview process. So well-connected and knowledgeable, Stephanie is a great resource for finding a job and understanding career benefits. Helping me get my first legal job after graduation, she gave me valuable advice, communicated with me often, and was always very friendly. I highly recommend anyone looking for work in the legal field to work with Stephanie. We have been a trusted legal recruiter for lawyer, paralegal and legal positions in New Orleans since 1989. Keep in mind that all recruitment services for legal support are the same. Job seekers should review reviews and testimonials before making a decision about a recruitment company.

New Orleans legal recruiters can help you move to NOLA or Lateral in the city if you want to improve your career. Shuart and Associates Legal Employment Services in New Orleans can help you find the perfect opportunity. With the growth of the city`s hospitality industry, the New Orleans legal market has seen considerable growth in its clients in the legal market, among other things. The New Orleans law firm`s elective areas are energy, marine, construction, and personal injury law. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience and resources to find the best candidates in your legal community and beyond. With our own experience working in the legal field, we can understand positions and your hiring needs much better than those who don`t. Email us at or give us a call: Will is a junior partner at a regional firm in Louisiana. He has gained valuable experience within his firm, but he wants to push himself to move to a more prestigious firm before committing to staying with his firm long enough to look for partners. A legal recruiter helps Will find a job at an Am Law 100 firm in New Orleans, where he can expand the scope of his practice. We have a unique business model based on a combination of much lower overhead costs than traditional recruitment agencies and a partnership with our employees. We also only provide recruiters who have work experience in the fields in which they work.

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