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There is no foolproof way to get an internship. Companies and organizations often make themselves known to universities and advise degree units and career services on vacancies. Some companies recruit apprentices during undergraduates, others don`t complete their hiring plans until later – which can be during graduation or beyond. Others do not advertise at all and may accept spontaneous applications. If you know the closing dates early on, you can quickly imagine this one – and try to submit applications some time before the deadline – it will show potential recruiters that you`re excited about the internship and organized enough to submit it before the deadline! A list of internship opportunities can be found at: The Law Society of Scotland is here to help you plan your career throughout your career. We are aware that one of the most difficult steps can be getting an internship to qualify as a lawyer. Flexible internships are usually arranged by the intern themselves, so you need to be proactive and contact employers. If you would like more information about flexible internships, contact us by email katiewood@lawscot.org.uk or call 0131 226 7411 and select option 3. For more information on which employer might be right for you, apply for free as a Student Associate and activate our online internship center. The articling is part of the Law Society of Scotland`s Professional Education and Training Programme (PEAT): there are various mandatory processes and regulatory requirements that trainees must be aware of before and during their articling period. Although internships in large companies often seem more visible, there are many other opportunities in small companies and internally.

We collect evidence of this every year in our trainee statistics. See below for the breakdown of last year`s internships by type of business: Today I worked one last emotional shift as a team leader at the NSS National Contact Tracing Centre. I`ve seen this organization grow over the past 11 months, from a small team primarily involved in contact tracing to a much larger workforce working in other areas like immunization programming, border surveillance, and COVID-19 testing. I grew with the organization – going from a part-time contact tracer to a full-time team leader responsible for my own employees over the past few months. I will never forget this experience and I am grateful and proud to have contributed to this work during the pandemic to help others. I also enjoyed getting an insight into the organisation of the NHS and the values of work. I loved working at NCTC and felt supported by my colleagues throughout my tenure – it`s a great team. Thank you for your kind messages on my thank you box – what a great idea that is! I am pursuing my legal career goals and look forward to starting my new legal support role at Caesar & Howie tomorrow. Different employers may also search for different things on your resume, such as specific internships, volunteer experience, non-legal work experience, grades, living abroad, or topics. Think about who your skills could be valuable to. If there`s an employer you really want to work for, but you feel you don`t have everything you need, think about how you can improve your position.

That night`s mock trial in the Advanced Criminal Litigation course was another great experience as part of my degree in professional legal practice. I had the opportunity to hone my advocacy skills while investigating forensic students/experts in front of a real sheriff in a live zoom court. I was amazed at how the University of Strathclyde has kept the degree course as practical as possible despite the current circumstances. This semester, I also presented at a preliminary hearing before a labor judge, interviewed a client for my private client elective, and played the husband in a divorce as part of the family law role-play. Each of these experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone and prepared me for my future career – working with clients and representing myself in court environments. #law #legal #universityofstrathclyde #lawschool #scotslaw * New Immigration Initial Counseling Clinics – starting June 16, 2021 * We are pleased to partner with Teneu Legal to offer a free initial consultation to those who otherwise do not have access to legal services. Appointments take place on Wednesdays of the month from 18h to 20h00 via Zoom. We will be open to all immigration-related applications, but for the June 16 meeting, priority will be given to EU citizens seeking advice on the status of settlement/resettlement. In subsequent sessions, priority will be given to applications from EU citizens wishing to apply for British citizenship.

Please contact lawclinic@strath.ac.uk or 0141 548 5995 for more information. If you wish to complete a flexible internship, you must submit an application for approval to the company`s approval subcommittee. The Committee usually wants a training plan outlining how the internship will be carried out, in particular the supervision arrangements, the DPOH and PQPR agreements, and the details of who will be responsible for supervising the training (i.e. the contract will be with one company/organization or with two or more). You can also unlock more career guidance by becoming a student assistant. All LLB, Diploma and Pre-PEAT students can participate for free. You can log in to the student area and consult our internship and employability sections. The Society encourages interns and those interested in offering internships to think creatively about how these internships could be done. The internship is usually a two-year full-time training contract in an organization, but it is possible to carry out internships in a more flexible way. Please note that an internship must last two years or the equivalent for part-time training.

Here are some examples of flexible internships: If you are having trouble finding an internship, you can contact our careers team. They can talk to you about your options and help you understand how to improve your applications or approach, including feedback on your resume, interview technique, and how to approach employers. Email us at careers@lawscot.org.uk. Thank you to Melissa Rutherford and Defence Counsel Iain Smith for speaking with us tonight. I encourage all law students, articling students and lawyers to follow the `Trauma Aware Lawyers in Scotland` page on Linked In and other social media channels. I also recommend reading Iain`s recent article, “Forget to Be Hard or Soft on Crime – Be Smart Rather”: lnkd.in/eNyyxhG I am so happy to have attended events like this and to understand the importance of being aware of the impact of childhood trauma and negative experiences on people in the criminal justice system. when I start my legal career. Working at the Citizens Advice Bureau has given me the opportunity to work with “compassion, empathy, dignity and respect” and I will continue to do so as I embark on my future career as a trainee lawyer and lawyer. #traumaaware #aceaware #aceawarenation #lawstudent #inspired #compassion #strathclydelaw The Law Society is unable to find articling for individuals, and we cannot say which employers have hired articling students in the past. You should also know that you will not be able to get an internship if you have completed the LLB and the diploma. The job market for internships works like any other profession in the private sector. You need to look for opportunities yourself proactively.

Today, I have completed my graduate degree in professional legal practice – I am about to qualify as a lawyer. The University of Strathclyde did a great job of adapting the degree course to online learning and I enjoyed being able to study at home. I can`t wait to really get to know some of the students I`ve only met on Zoom in the near future. Next stop – internship! ð #university #students #highereducation #law #universityofstrathclyde #legal #education #onlinelearning #postgraduate #lawscot Get acquainted with the internship market by reading our annual statistics on apprentices, gender balance and admissions. Find out how the Law Society can help students find articling positions and advise them on where articling positions could be advertised.

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