Notas Legales Capitulo 84

5. For the purposes of the foregoing explanations, the term `machinery` includes the various machines, apparatus, apparatus and materials referred to in heading No 84 or 85. 8. For heading No 84.70, the term “bag” applies only to machinery measuring 170 x 100 x 45 mm or less. 3. Valves for oleohydraulic or pneumatic gearboxes falling within subheading 8481.20 are valves specially used for the transfer of an engine fluid into a hydraulic or pneumatic system the source of which is a pressurized energy fluid (liquid or gaseous). These valves can be of any type (for example: pressure reducers, control reducers, control reducers). Whereas subheading 8481.20 takes precedence over the other subheadings of subheading 84.81; 6. Heading No 84.82 includes, for example, calibrated steel balls, i.e.

polished balls the maximum or minimum diameter of which does not differ by more than 1 % from the nominal diameter, provided that this difference (tolerance) is equal to or equal to 0,05 mm. (b) Information processing machines may be offered as systems with a variable number of individual units. The units of a document vending machine listed separately are falling within heading No 84.71. 2. Subject to Note 1 to this Section and Note 1 to Chapters 84 and 85, parts of machinery (other than parts of goods of heading No 84.84, 85.44, 85.45, 85.46 or 85.47) shall be classified according to the following rules: keyboards, X-Y coordinate input devices and hard disk data storage devices which meet the requirements of C.2 and C.3; are always classified as units of heading No 84.71. (C) Without prejudice to paragraphs (D) and (E) below, any unit which fulfils all of the following conditions shall be considered to be part of an automatic data-processing or data-processing system: 4. Where machinery or assembly of machinery consists of components (whether or not connected separately by pipes, transmissions, electrical cables or other cables) in order to perform together a well-defined function: falling within one of the headings of Chapter 84 or 85, the whole is classified in the heading corresponding to the function which he performs. 3. Unless otherwise specified, combinations of machinery of different types intended to work together and form a single body and machinery intended to perform two or more different, alternative or complementary functions shall be classified according to the main function characterising the whole. 4.

Only metalworking machine tools, excluding lathes (including turning centres), which can perform different types of machining operations by: 9. (a) Notes 9 (a) and 9 (b) to Chapter 85 also apply to the terms semiconductor components and integrated electronic circuits used in this Note and in heading No 84.86. However, for the purposes of this Note and heading No 84.86, the term semiconductor devices includes photosensitive semiconductor devices and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). 2. Subject to the provisions of Note 3 to Section XVI and Note 9 to this Chapter, machines of heading Nos 84.01 to 84.24 or 84.86 or 84.25 to 84.80 may be classified in heading Nos 84.01 to 84.24 or 84.86. 1. Whereas, in subheading 8465.20, the term machining centres refers only to machine tools for working wood, cork, bone, hardened rubber, rigid plastics or similar hard materials which are capable of carrying out various types of machining operations by automatic change of tools from a warehouse to a machining programme; Steel balls which do not meet this definition fall in heading No 73.26. (3) Machine tools classified by grubbing up materials of heading No 84.56 and heading No 84.57, 84.58, 84.59, 84.60, 84.61, 84.64 or 84.65 fall in heading No 84.56. TIGIE tariff heading 2020 (Harmonized System 2017) 7. Without prejudice to Notes 2 and 3 to Section XVI, unless otherwise specified, multipurpose machines are classified in the heading corresponding to their principal use. In the absence of such a heading or where it is not possible to determine its principal use, they fall in heading No 84.79.

2. For the purposes of subheading 8471.49, systems are automatic data-processing machines whose units satisfy all the requirements of Note 5 C to Chapter 84 and which consist of at least one central processing unit, one input unit (e.g. keyboard or scanner) and one output unit (e.g. a quick view or printer). (E) a machine incorporating an automatic data-processing machine or operating in conjunction with a computer machine which performs a function other than data processing or data processing is classified in the heading corresponding to its function or, failing that, in a waste consignment. 4. Subheading 8482.40 applies only to bearings with cylindrical rollers of a constant diameter not exceeding 5 mm and a length not exceeding three times the diameter of the roll. The rollers can be rounded at their ends.

(B) For the purposes of this Note and heading No 84.86, the concept of manufacture of flat panel appliances includes the manufacture of the medium used in such apparatus. This term does not include the manufacture of glass or the assembly of printed circuit boards or other flat panel electronic devices. Flat panel displays do not include cathode ray tube technology. In any event, machines having a metal cable (tornadoes, braids, cables, etc.) fall in heading No 84.79 for each material. (d) Heading No 84.71 does not include the following apparatus if listed separately, even if they satisfy all the requirements laid down in Note 5 (C): .

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