Rossi Circuit Judge Ca Legal Buy it at your own risk. A shotgun with a rotating cylinder is a no-go, it could be interpreted that way by an asshole DA. As with micro-roni, there`s no real precedent for people saying it`s illegal, it`s just not explicitly legal because of arbitrary laws. Legal. My cousin got one from his LGS. He brought Birdshot to the shooting range and the RSO got really upset, but said, “It`s okay, it`s the judge! Don`t think about shooting the birds next time!┬á Unfortunately, the California Department of Justice no longer issues opinions on the legality of certain firearms. Law enforcement, retailers and consumers are left to fend for themselves. To support them, a legal memorandum analyzing these products and their legality under California is now published here. Because of the broad language used by California lawmakers to define “short-barreled shotgun” and “assault weapon,” Judge Taurus and Circuit Judge 28 Rossi are illegal in California and meet the definitions of “short-barrelled shotgun” and “assault weapon,” respectively. 410 revolvers are illegal in California because they are considered short-barreled shotguns. I`ve always loved shooting .410 and .45 LC shotguns is such a fun round to handle (albeit a bit pricey), so this seems like a fun rifle for what I`m looking for, but I`ve noticed that since it shoots shotgun cartridges and has a rotating cylinder, it might fall under the umbrella of a rotating cylinder shotgun, to make it illegal here in California, even if it has a barrel fired? According to this pdf, the circuit judge is only sold as a rifle and has a rifled barrel, so it`s not a shotgun. Two prominent examples: the Taurus Judge line of handguns and the Rossi Circuit Judge line of long guns. Could you find one in stock somewhere? I`d love to take one too.

I just got a new Vaquero ruger in 45lc. It`s time to play cowboy Is the Rossi Circuit Judge 22 convertible a good weapon? They then expanded the range and now offer a version of the Circuit Judge in .44 Magnum, 28 Gauge (sort of) and .22 LR/Magnum convertible. The .22 LR/Magnum circuit judge is a smooth little weapon with a number of interesting features. The Rossi Circuit Judge .22 convertible: Elegant, fun, cool, but there`s a downside. The Rossi Circuit Judge .22 convertible: Elegant, fun, cool, but there`s a downside. In theory, the .22 Long Rifle/Magnum version of gunner Rossi Circuit Judge is a cool little weapon. Unfortunately, I haven`t seen any on the shelves since last year. A friend of mine lives near Bass Pro in Rancho Cucamonga.

He said he saw them have a few judges from the Rossi circuit in the blue finish in July, but the last time I stopped there a few weeks ago, they weren`t there. Well. I`m just going to be patient and wait for some other place to come up later. Hello everyone, I am looking for a new long gun to add to the collection. While surfing the web, I came across the following: Theoretically, the .22 Long Rifle/Magnum version of the Rossi Circuit Judge revolver carabiner is a cool little weapon. And it certainly seems like the coin is a steampunk-style weapon that combines a 19th-century revolver with the latest modern “black rifle” components like a synthetic stock, Picatinny rails, and a standard fiberglass sight. Circuit Judge Rossi The circuit judge in.22 LR/Magnum is a smooth little weapon with a number of interesting features. As mentioned earlier, it comes with synthetic stocks that look sturdy and good. The visor is very visible.

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