Why Is My Name in All Caps on Legal Documents

As its official name is, government is not “real” because it is a business. In the “United States,” the U.S. government is actually a foreign corporation versus a state. Click here to see the evidence. Since the U.S. government is a corporation (artificial person), it is a fictitious entity that has no natural rights and power. Its main source of energy comes from the energy of living men and women. [Ditto Sonans, it`s when a name sounds the same way but is spelled differently. So if you respond to a name that looks exactly like yours, but is written in capital letters, you give jurisdiction to the court. So don`t answer! Note also that Albert had “served” these documents on him, suggesting that he had an address that gave jurisdiction to the court.] The use of capital letters in legal agreements is a centuries-old tradition that extends into the digital age. Once it was accepted as a way to bring out important contract language, it became common and is still used today, even with new formatting options. 7.

United States v. Benabe, 654 F.3d 753, No. 09-1190, 09-1224, 09-1225, 091226, 09-1227, 09-1251, United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit (pleaded March 28, 2011, decision rendered August 18, 2011) (judgment against defendant`s characterization as a “secured creditor”). Third participant” and against his characterization of himself as a “sovereign human being born of flesh and blood and a guaranteed believer” and to rule against the theory of “individual sovereignty”, the theory of “immunity from prosecution” and the theory of “capital letters” and to conclude that these theories of amateur rights have been “repeatedly rejected”, and the “tired argument” that a defendant is sovereign and the Jurisdiction rejects and declares that such amateur legal theories have “no conceivable validity under U.S. law” and that they “should be rejected”). Maxims of the Law: The presence of the body heals the error in the name; The truth of the name corrects an error in the description. An error in the name is irrelevant if the body is safe. A mistake in the name is nothing if there is certainty about the person. The truth of the demonstration eliminates the error of the name. A general appearance corrects previous irregularities in the process, faulty service, etc. There are certain legal consequences associated with a person`s voluntary act.] 9.

United States v. Rodney class, Crim. 13-253 (GK), United States District Court, District Of Columbia (16. April 2014) (ruling against the amateur legal theories of Class on: the “capital letters” theory, the “fictitious entity” theory, the “registered business name” theory, the “uniform commercial code” theory, his false claims that he is a “private attorney general” [which actually means a “public interest complainant” and whose temporary status ends at the end of the case], his false claim that the laws “apply only to businesses, state institutions and other entities`, but not to individuals such as himself” [invoking the United States Tax Code, the Texas Administrative Code and the Delaware Administrative Code], his false CLA [The petitioner essentially argued that he could drive without a license only because the court misspelled his name. That`s not true. #1: The way a court spells a name is not an excuse to drive without a license. The reason you exercise your duty to advance on the common path is only because Christ commanded us to do so without the permission of men. #2. The fact that he admitted to “driving” gave them jurisdiction because it is a commercial term. #3: He admitted to being an “appellant” and a “party” to the trial or prosecution that he was not, which made the court competent.] Note: We are aware that the form of case citation we use below is not the form of citation used by lawyers. But we`re not trying to help lawyers find the law online. Instead, we try to help ordinary people find the law online.

Ordinary people have access to Google Scholar, a FREE case law database. That`s why we decided to cite the following case law so that ordinary people can find the following cases online on Google Scholar. In addition, Google Scholar`s database contains thousands of cases that are not even published by West Publishing Company (or Westlaw Online), regardless of how they are cited. Unless otherwise noted, the following citations are cited for Google Scholar, not for journalists (books) published by West Publishing Company. So go to Google Scholar and click on “Jurisdiction” in the “State” and “Federal” systems. Then, for each case, write the case number (in quotation marks) and/or the date of the proceedings (in quotation marks, but without the parentheses below) and/or the names of the parties (without quotation marks) and/or the name of the court (in quotation marks) below. Google Scholar is FREE and easy to use. It`s extremely difficult to live like that. In court, you`ll go back and forth for hours because the Hudge won`t understand you. If you are arrested by a police officer, you will go to jail for not recognizing your name.

It is a very difficult way of life, in my opinion. If you are in court, they will ask you if you will be under the mentioned charges (understand the same thing). You don`t have to accept that. Just tell the judge that the person on the capital letter paper is not you, but that you want to meet the person. Since the government operates in a fictional world, it cannot deal directly with the real self (the man or woman living on flesh and blood). To overcome this problem, you must agree to be a channel or connection so that it can connect you to a fictional government character. This conduit is the official name (legal entity/legal fiction), often written in capital letters. This legal entity is not you; Rather, it is a fictitious entity used by the government to do business with you.

A checking account requires a fictitious name. Just look at the signature line on a check. Are you a Member of the European Parliament? No. the letters MP stand for Microprint. Now, get a magnifying glass and see who is authorized to sign for the bank on your behalf. This is your fictitious artificial entity ALL NON-PROPER CAPITAL NOUNS. Names refer to people, places, and things. Any name can always be classified as general or correct. A proper noun has two characteristics: 1) it will name a certain [usually unique] element, and 2) it will begin with a capital letter, no matter where it appears in a sentence.

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